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Shepherd Tickets is your partner in ticketing, from start to finish! With easy reporting, effortless ticket scanning, and best-in-class support and low fees for your customers, you can expertly ticket for your events and maximize your ticket sales.

Connect with your audience like never before and sell more tickets!

Create, Manage, & Control Your Events

Your event dashboard gives you control over your event listing: inventory, pricing, promotion codes, customer information, messaging, and real-time sales reporting.

Messaging Ticket Holders

Whether it’s vital event-related details or event changes, you can efficiently reach your ticket holders with our integrated Messages tool.

Simple, User-Friendly Reserved Seating

Listing reserved seating events on our platform is simple, and our Support team will custom build your seating chart to your specifications. Customers can easily locate and purchase tickets to your events using the seat map selector.

Sales Reports and Admissions Data

We collect all the data you need to help you make the most of your events. Access detailed sales reports, admissions data, and customer contact info at any time. Leverage our tracking links feature and our Google Analytics integration for more insights on how customers are reaching your event listing and purchasing tickets.

Scanning App and Box Office Tools

Our tools work as your complete box office solution: Sell and check in tickets at your event, all synced and integrated with your online inventory. Use our free iOS app to scan in attendees' tickets at your event.

Scanners and Gear Rental

Don’t have the gear for our Scanner app? No problem—we offer affordable equipment rental packages so you and your staff has everything they need to make ticket scanning painless.

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